Advertising on bridges



„TILTS MEDIA” Ltd is engaged in producing and placing electric sign advertisements on the most significant bridges and overpasses in Riga, as well as provides maintenance of these advertisements during the validity period of agreement.


      This kind of advertisements is really effective for – carrying out advertising campaigns, creating brand image, advertising new products and services.

      Geographical peculiarities of Riga have determined switching motor transport and public transport traffic flow particularly to bridges and overpasses.


      Advertisements are placed in sets. One set consists of six posts on each side of the road. 24 advertising surfaces are placed simultaneously in one set. This kind of advertisement has the following advantages:

    • Recurrence – information of your advertisement will not disappear in the enormous flow of environment advertising and the recurrence also contributes to creating a visual contact between potential customers and advertising information.

    • Perfect visibility – advertisement surfaces are placed perpendicularly against the traffic lane, location is approx. 3 m above the carriageway, which prevents the advertisement information from being covered either by cars or people.

    • Perfect condition of advertisement surfaces – due to their location surfaces never get dirty and it is also impossible to break them or damage in any other way.

    • The widest target audience – the most intensive traffic flow in Riga (sandglass principle).

    • They are lit up in the hours of darkness.

Jūrmalas gatve
Vanšu tilts
Salu tilts
Deglava ielas c.p.
Ieriķu ielas c.p.
VEF tilts
Miera-Gaujas c.p.
Vairoga ielas c.p.
  Salu bridge
  VEF bridge
  Deglava str. o.p.
  Vanšu bridge
  Miera-Gaujas o.p.
  Jūrmalas ave. o.p.
  Ieriķu str. o.p.
  Vairoga str. o.p.